Spanish young and older people participation in democratic life

Seminar “Young and older people participation in the democratic life” on 17 May 2024

On Friday morning, Altius Foundation has coordinated and participated at the seminar on “Young and older people participation in the democratic life hold in Berlin. The gathering brought together 29 participants from various countries, including Spain, Germany, Bulgaria,Greece, Italy, France, Cyprus, lithuania and Netherlands. Morning session was dedicated to presenting insights in every partner country, debating about how is particpation of young people in democratic life, concluding that young participation in democratic life is crucial for the health and sustainability of democratic systems. Engaging young people in democratic processes ensures that their voices are heard and their perspectives are considered in decision-making. Here are some key aspects and strategies to promote youth participation in democratic life:

– Diverse Perspectives: Young people bring fresh ideas and perspectives that can lead to innovative solutions for societal issues.

– Long-term Investment: Engaging youth today helps cultivate informed and active citizens for the future, ensuring the continuity of democratic values.

-Representation: Young people often have unique concerns and priorities that differ from older generations. Their involvement ensures that these issues are addressed.

Regarding older people’s participation in democratic life is equally vital, ensuring that the experiences and needs of all age groups are represented in democratic processes. Here are key points, challenges, and strategies related to the engagement of older adults in democratic life.

Older people’s participation in democratic life within the EU is essential for ensuring that policies are inclusive and representative of all citizens. By addressing barriers to participation and implementing supportive strategies, the EU and its member states can ensure that older adults continue to contribute significantly to democratic processes. Enhanced engagement across all age groups enriches democratic governance and promotes social cohesion, making the democratic systems more robust and inclusive