Citizens Debate and Multicultural Festival “Equality and Diversity

The event took place between 29 February to 02 March th, 2024 in Madrid (Spain)

1st of March 2023 in the morning, the international participants had a experience on Equalityand Diversity in the EU contemporary School by Salesianos Estrecho School teacher and some students from China, Filipines and Algeria who shared their stories  in Spain.


A volunteer from Venezuela at the Altius Foundation has shared his experience on equality and diversity, focusing on the meaning of helping people in need no matter where they come from. Diversity has positive effects on culture, art, lifestyles and all areas of citizenship. Working daily with people coming from different countries has helped him to better understand these people: their basic needs, their dreams and expectations and to be more respectful and tolerant of diverse races, religions and cultures.

For instance in Greece, diversity and inclusión are becoming increasingly important topic. Despite being a country with a long history of cultural diversity, there are still important challenges to be addressed on minorities(muslims, black greeks, roma and migrants third National countries) to achieving a more inclusive society.

Italy is committed to fostering inclusivity by prioritizing the needs of citizens facing disadvantageous circumstances. Through a concerted effort, the country seeks to empower and uplift those who may encounter barriers to full participation in societal opportunities.

Embracing diversity in Italia through awareness campaigns, community engagement, educational programs, empowering marginalized groups.

Cyprus is taking measures to address equality and diversity  such as  implement a comprehensive diversity education programs in schools to promote tolerance, respect and appreciation for cultural diversity or  support grassroots initiatives that facilitate the integration of refugees, migrants and minorities groups into Cypriot society through language classes, cultural Exchange programmes and social support services.